OSIE Project Launch: Open Source Industrial Edge

The Eurostars OSIE project officially started today. During the next 36 months the four participants Nexedi, Olimex, Linutronix and Fraunhofer Fokus will work on building an industrial edge as a service (IEaaS) solution for industrial automation using only open source software and open hardware components with the objective to provide an interoperable, automated, accessible and low cost solution for manufacturing.. 

Paris, May 1st, 2020 - The Eurostars OSIE project kicked off today officially with the four participants Nexedi, Olimex, Linutronix and Fraunhofer Fokus setting out to develop the OSIE framework and Industrial Edge as a Service (IEaaS) amidst the backdrop of the Covid-19 lockdown. 

OSIE aims to deliver a disruptive cloud service which transforms industrial automation into a branch of the open source software and hardware ecosystems. OSIE will cut prices by an order of magnitude, eliminate interoperability blockers, accelerate data-driven business and provide flexibility for Industry 4.0. It will support real-time orchestration and deterministic, end-to-end communication at the edge using generic hardware.

The project will work on various components which will be licensed as open source software, open source hardware or open content with no licence cost. They include a hardened edge computing system for real-time orchestration of real-time POSIX services and IoT based on OPC-UA PubSub, a software-defined implementation of time-sensitive Layer-3 networking for end-to-end deterministic communication over heterogenous networks and a standard library of open source software, open source hardware designs and a MOOC for robotics and industrial automation.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi: "We're very happy to finally get the OSIE project off the ground. We will surely have to improvise over the coming months due to the pandemic but this does not change our underlying ambition of delivering a potential game changer in software-based industrial automation. Combining the experience of all participants and integrating the various software components within the consortium into a single framework running on testbed hardare will be one of our first objectives and serve as system for experimenting with the various real-time extensions and services we envision to implement within OSIE. Follow us as the project evolves."


OSIE website: https://www.osie-project.eu/

About Nexedi

Nexedi is one of the largest open source software publishers in Europe with a portfolio more than 10 original software products and a total code base of more than 15,000,000 lines. Nexedi original activity consists of deploying complex, mission critical "Enterprise Applications" based on ERP5 open source ERP/CRM/ECM/e-business framework. ERP5, Nexedi's most famous software product, has been deployed in companies such as Airbus, Central Bank of West Africa, Fortuneo, Kyorin, Mitsubishi, SANEF, PSA Groupe etc. that are looking for more flexibility and higher quality than traditional "Enterprise Application" products.

More information: https://www.nexedi.com/

Contact: Sven FRANCK
Email: sven.franck (at) nexedi.com


About Linutronix

Linutronix GmbH is one of the global leaders in all aspects of Linux-related service provision in industrial and manufacturing environments. One key aspect in industrial use cases is deterministic timing behaviour - and Linutronix is the creator of PREEMPT_RT patch - the de facto standard for Linux and Real-Time. On behalf of the Linux Foundation, Linutronix is responsible for integrating deterministic timing behaviour into the mainline Linux kernel. Linutronix main business activities focus around the technical segments of automation and industrial controllers in automotive, entertainment, infotainment and tolling industries.

More information: https://www.linutronix.de

Contact: Lucia Garate
Email: lucia.garate (at) linutronix.de

About Olimex

Olimex Ltd is a leading open hardware manufacturer and specialist for development tools and programs for embedded markets. The company was founded in 1991 as ET OLIMEKS which was transformed into today's Olimeks ODD in 1994. Olimex is located in Plovdiv and has 28 years of experience for designing, prototyping and manufacturing printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies as well as complete electronic products - such as open hardware, ready-to-assemble laptops. Their main product line, OLinuXino (Open Source Hardware Boards) as well as many other components are available in commercial and industry-grade versions - the latter with added temperature resistance among other factors.

More information: https://www.olimex.com/

Contact: Tsvetan Usunov
Email: tsvetan (at) olimex.com

About Fraunhofer Fokus

Fraunhofer FOKUS researches digital transformation and its impact on society, economics and technology. Since 1988 it supports commercial enterprises and public administration in the shaping and implementation of the digital transformation. For this purpose, Fraunhofer FOKUS offers research services ranging from requirements analysis to consulting, feasibility studies, technology development right up to prototypes and pilots in the business segments Digital Public Services, Future Applications and Media, Quality Engineering, Smart Mobility, Software-based Networks, Networked Security, Visual Computing and Analytics.

More information: https://www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/

Contact: Frederic Lynker
Email: frederic.lynker (at) fokus.fraunhofer.de