OSIE will deliver "Industrial Edge as a Service" (IEaaS), a disruptive cloud service and a game changer which transforms industrial automation and robotic industries by:

  • replacing hardware with software
  • replacing closed systems with open source systems
  • replacing proprietary protocols with open standards
  • removing license costs and interoperability blockers
  • automating all system management tasks with devops
  • promoting data driven business models including AI

All deliverables will be licensed as open source software, open source hardware or open content with no licence cost:

  • hardened edge computing system for real-time orchestration of real-time POSIX services and IoT based on OPC-UA PubSub
  • software defined implementation of time-sensitive Layer-3 networking for end-to-end deterministic communication over heterogeneous networks based on RFC6126
  • standard library of open source software, open source hardware designs and MOOC for robotics and industrial automation.

OSIE will conduct three pilot cases for industrial validation:

  • an open source soldering robot with AI vision for anomaly detection in a microelectronics factory (Olimex)
  • an open source data collection gateway with interoperability middleware in an automotive factory (PSA)
  • an open source virtualized PLC server to orchestrate collaborative robots in a research factory (PSA)

OSIE will submit a proposed RFC for edge computing and a proposed OPC-UA profile for manufacturing execution (MES). OSIE will contribute the following to the thriving ecosystem of open source software and open source hardware for industrial automation: ProviewR, ROS, open62531, babel, SlapOS, PREEMPT-RT, Linux PTP, RIOT, fluentd, Wendelin, ERP5, OLinuXino, ESP32-EVB, OCP, OpenCV, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, etc.